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Regional Travel, Penang specialise in custom tour packages, self defined tour package, hotel booking and reservation, Luxury Cruise, travel insurance and visiting visa application. We are also able to providing ticket booking and reservation for local
and overseas theme parks. Call us or visit us today and find out how we can be of service to you!

As a member of IATA, Regional Travel, Penang is a ticketing reservation and issuer office for many major airlines. We are also able to provide bulk tickets reservation for overseas labour
and special pricing ticket for students.

We are ticket issuer office for Malaysia Airlines, China Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, China Southern, Air Asia, Etihad Airways, Emirates Airways, Emirates Airways, Fireflyz, Vietnam Airlines etc..
Hotel Reservation

With the emergence of smart mobile phone with high speed internet, the travelling industry has transformed to
provide many online services including Hotel Reservation.

We at Regional Travel, Penang has recognised the needs
of Hotel Revervation thus we have introduced the
in-house capability to help our customers on reserving their accomodation at the best possible deal. We also able
to extend our services to include Hotel Limousine Pickup, Airport Transfers etc. Our aims is simple - we want our customer to receive the best possible service from us.
Visa Information

It is very important to ensure you have the right visa when you are travelling. We completely understand the needs on this area.

Thus Regional Travel, Penang is able to provide various travel related visa applications to our customer. Our experience on
this area has gained us the advantage to stay ahead on any changes on Visa related regulations. Throughout these years,
we have successfully assisted our customer on securely
granted many different kinds of visa, including Family Visiting Visa, Business Visa, Tourists Visa etc.
Travel Insurance

For most people overseas travel is a wonderful experience. But like anything else in life, miss-fortunate events could happen whilst you are travelling. Organising travel insurance is an essential part of preparing for your trip. If you are uninsured, you are personally responsible for covering any medical or other costs resulting
from unexpected incidents or accidents.

We at Regional Travel, Penang understand your need on this area. We are able to assist you on selecting the adequate coverage
for your travelling insurance. Indeed, we recommend our customer to insure for a peace of mind regardless whether
it is a short or long trip.
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